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How it got started?

When Master Gunnery Sergeant Glenn Denton returned from Vietnam he wanted to find a way to honor his fellow brethren and support his future brothers and sisters in arms.  Master Gunnery Sergeant Denton bought ten acres of land just outside of Bakersfield, California to create a Veteran’s Memorial Park named after his fellow brother in arms Lenard Hamilton.  Camp Hamilton, as the park was named, serves as a remembrance of former soldiers and a place of support for current and recent servicemen and women.

At Camp Hamilton, we honor our heroes by planting and commemorating trees with soldier’s names as a lasting, living memorial.  Camp Hamilton’s goal is to bring people together to read the names, reflect, and remember those veterans whose names are inscribed on the numerous trees throughout the camp.

In addition to honoring our fallen military heroes, Camp Hamilton provides a safe haven for all veterans including a place to live, at no cost to them or their families, when they are in need.  Camp Hamilton provides a support system for Veterans recuperating from PTSD and other difficulties our soldiers face as they return from service.   Master Gunnery Sergeant Denton and the Camp Hamilton supporters believe that serving our Veterans is one of the most valuable contributions society can make for our great nation.

Camp Hamilton is not supported by government funds.  Support comes from the contributions and hearts of the people the camp serves.  In order to survive, Camp Hamilton needs the financial support of people like you.  As a supporter of our Nations Veterans, we know you assist in multiple ways.  Would you provide your financial assistance to help us further our efforts for our Veterans with a tax deductible donation? Camp Hamilton Phone Number is 661-573-8733

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